Home Inspection FAQs

  • You and your inspection is important to me and you and your prospective property will Never be “just another inspection”. 
  • I perform one inspection a day, which means you get my undivided attention for the time it takes to complete your home inspection and report. You will receive the service and attention to the home you deserve. 
  • My passions are houses and helping people which equates to a thorough and educational home inspection giving you confidence to buy or sell your house.

Yes, please attend your home inspection, I strongly encourage it. A home has many components and moving parts and I’m there to provide you as much information about your prospective property as I can. While my reports are state of the art, you can learn much more by attending. 

For out-of-town clients not in attendance, I will add additional photos to your report to allow you to see the conditions at the property and I would be happy to have a call with you to go over your home inspection and questions.

First, and foremost, as long as it needs to take. Your inspection is important to me and providing you with as much information is what I do.  Generally, standards for home inspectors state 1 hour per 1000 square feet of space, plus time for the exterior and garage. The average sized home usually takes 2.5 to 3 hours. I also know your time is valuable and allow clients to come for the last hour and I will show you all areas of concern. My goal is to satisfy You.

While some inspectors may issue reports to you onsite or the same day, how robust will their reports be and how much information will they provide you? I take pride in my work and want to provide you as much information as possible. While our state standards say we have up to five days, I always issue reports within 24 hours of your completed home inspection.

NY State licensed home inspectors currently have all required certifications along with 24 hours of approved continuing education every two years to maintain our license. I have been a member Internachi (International Association of Certified Home Inspectors) since 2015 which is the largest, most accredited association, for home inspectors in the world. Being a member has provided me 100’s of classes of additional training that allows me to serve you better. Members make the best inspectors!

Shopping for a home inspector because they are the CHEAPEST is NEVER recommended. The cheapest home inspectors are usually new to the industry and trying to obtain market share differentiating themselves by being the cheapest. Experienced home inspectors, performing a thorough, above minimum standards, using additional tools such as drone, and thermal imaging technology typically charge at least $350. Then additional for square footage, age, and location. Home inspectors are professional consultants.

Yes. I am currently trained as a CRT (Certified Residential Thermographer) from Monroe Training Institute. I am the only home inspector in this area that carries this designation and training. Other inspectors “carry” thermal cameras but are not properly trained in their usage. Use of a thermal camera is a highly scientific process which requires proper training to use effectively. Proper use of this device adds an additional layer of protection to your home inspection.

Most realtors recommend a few different inspectors, but you always have the right to choose your own home inspector. Interview them and look on google (check their reviews also) and go with the one that provides the most added value for your money which is not usually the cheapest inspector. Never hire a home inspector solely because they are the cheapest, that is the biggest mistake. I have many professional relationships with realtors, however, I work for you first to provide you the most thorough, comprehensive home inspection in the industry.

“Interviewing” your home inspector is recommended. Asking about their experience, education, training, and years in this business is appropriate. Ask how many home inspections they’ve performed. Construction training and experience can be important but is not required since inspectors are generalists, just like your family doctor. We are trained in this profession to recognize material defects and recommend the appropriate qualified contractor to evaluate/repair as they feel is necessary.

Absolutely. I’ve performed 100’s of home inspections and have yet to find a “perfect” house. Home inspections can save you thousands and the headaches that go along with problems you could encounter with the house. A home inspection is a small price to pay for the peace of mind you gain to protect you, your family, and your wallet.

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